Following yesterday’s Senate passage of the Horizon bill, LD 14 Assembly Candidate Kristian Stout (R) is calling on State Legislators to stop playing politics and pass a fiscally responsible budget, without risking the healthcare of millions of New Jerseyans.

On Thursday, Speaker Prieto refused to post the Horizon bill, but still attempted to pass the budget in the Assembly. The Senate actually passed the Horizon bill without giving the public the opportunity to weigh in on the viability of the plan. A number of Democrats refused to stand up to the governor in what should have been an easy bipartisan effort.

“My opponent, Dan Benson, didn’t vote at all on the budget, and that’s a shame,” LD14 candidate Kristian Stout said. “This is an opportunity for our elected officials to stand up to bullying and support the people of New Jersey, but Benson refused to vote. He needs to go. Our taxpayers deserve better.”

“This should be an easy bipartisan win,” he added. “Everyone knows Christie is only pushing for the Horizon bill because he thinks it will help repair his hopelessly damaged reputation. Why are the Democrats helping him? The Legislature should put Christie’s Horizon bill aside and pass a responsible budget that will serve the needs of our hardworking taxpayers.”

The Horizon bill would allow the state to raid the health insurance company’s emergency surplus funds that are collected in excess of the Blue Cross system’s mandated levels. Christie’s plan was to use these funds to pay for opioid treatment programs in the state.

“Opioids users need treatment, but a big, showy political stunt is not the way to get them the help they need,” Stout added. “Making it harder for Horizon to insure the citizens in our state is a terrible idea, especially given the problems the healthcare industry is facing around the country and here in New Jersey.”


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