Yet again, New Jersey has made the top of the list for having both the highest average taxes ( $8,549.00) as well as highest effective tax rate (2.31%) in the Nation. Meanwhile, our burden is not just slightly above average, but quite a bit above average: the national mean property tax rate for 2016 was $3,296.00 ( less than 40% of what we pay).

Now, of course, you can’t look at just numbers in a vacuum — certainly there are many more services that we get as New Jersey taxpayers than a citizen of Alabama gets in exchange for her average property tax bill of $776.00. But even as compared to Vermont — another state in the top 5 for most expensive property taxes in the US — our tax bills are 13% more. It is also interesting to note that Vermont suffers from a similar outmigration epidemic as the one we are “enjoying” here in NJ.

We need new leadership

This is one of the chief reasons that I am running for Assembly. Our state and our community need legislators who are willing to go to Trenton and make the hard choices that will put our fiscal house in order. If we don’t disrupt the comfortable status quo that the entrenched political class are enjoying at our expense, we are going to be headed for more than just another credit downgrade: our state is going to go completely bankrupt.

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