June 5, 2017

Stout calls on Benson to reject elite Hollywood money funneled through shadowy PAC

Windsor, New Jersey – LD14 Assembly Candidate Kristian Stout criticized the entrenched class of Democrat politicians for demonstrating their commitment to the interests of celebrity, wealth and shadowy political PACs by hosting a $2,500.00 per ticket fundraiser starring Alec Baldwin last Thursday. “Bringing in multi-millionaire New Yorker Alec Baldwin is emblematic of the ideals of the Democrat elite and of …

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June 4, 2017

The Empire Strikes Back: Assembly Speaker Harms Our Democracy

As I noted last week, the struggle for control of the Assembly Speakership is about one thing: money and power. Voters? Who cares about voters when there is power to consolidate. Ideals of good governance? How quaint. That certainly seems to be the attitude of “representatives” like Speaker Prieto and incumbents like my Democrat LD14 opponent, Dan Benson. Speaker Prieto recently …

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May 30, 2017

Candidate Stout Calls Out Incumbent Politicians for Acting Like the Voters Don’t Matter

Windsor, New Jersey – Today, Kristian Stout, an Assembly Candidate from the 14th legislative district, called on incumbent members of the New Jersey General Assembly to focus on the needs of voters instead of playing party political games for control of the Assembly Speakership — a position which cannot be voted on until after the results of November’s general election are …

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April 9, 2017

New Jersey leads the pack again … in highest taxes

Yet again, New Jersey has made the top of the list for having both the highest average taxes ( $8,549.00) as well as highest effective tax rate (2.31%) in the Nation. Meanwhile, our burden is not just slightly above average, but quite a bit above average: the national mean property tax rate for 2016 was $3,296.00 ( less than 40% of what …

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April 6, 2017

Giant NJ Budget Hole Points to a Bigger Problem

NJ.com had an article yesterday about what has become a perennial problem in NJ state budgeting: shortfalls of revenue that the administration and legislature need to scramble to cover. The article notes that, in relative terms, the $213M hole is only 0.6% of the $35B budget. Of course, in absolute terms, $213M is a whole lot of money, and when we get to …

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April 5, 2017

LD14 is on the map for a Republican win this year

We may have a “lean democrat” district, but what we don’t have are legislators who are responsive to our community’s needs. For years now we have had to deal with incumbents who worry more about getting leadership positions in their party, and less about passing real reforms that will lower the property tax burden under which our community suffers. It …

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